February 17: 
Money and Politics:  What can we do about the recent Supreme Court decision declaring that Corporations are people with the right of free speech?

April 7: 
Candidates Night (Democratic Candidates for the 68th State House District)

May 6:
Corporations are Not People: Speaker: Greg Coleridge of American Friends Service Committee and the Cleveland Committee on Corporations, Law and Democracy.

June 17:
“Corp or Nation: The Story of Citizens and Corporations in Ohio” (A documentary of the rise to power of corporations in Ohio.) The showing of this DVD at this meeting was postponed due to an officer’s illness.

June 25-27:
Democratic Party Table at the Garrettsville Summer Fest.

June 27:
Governor Strickland’s picnic in Columbus

July 4: Enjoy!

Watch for an announcement of campaign activities. We must elect Democrats in this off election! Our next meeting will likely be the third week of August.




Club Contacts:
GWEN B. FISCHER, president
JEANNE cebulla, vice president
CHARMAINE Kepes, treasurer