1) Government serves two major functions, protection and empowerment.  




2) We believe in equality--- Equal protection and equal empowerment.  We also believe in personal (and corporate) responsibility. Thus, progressive taxation is the moral way we support our government.  The more you benefit from the protection and empowerment, the more you owe in return. Tax cuts for the middle class are fair because wages have stagnated, while productivity has increased. Tax increases for the top 1%-5% wealthiest Americans are fair because they have benefitted from tax cuts. Tax rates for the wealthiest are at their lowest rate since the Reagan Administration.

3) Empathy is at the heart of Democratic principles.  We understand the need to care for others in our community (which includes our local community, our state, our nation, and the world.)  We believe in both social and personal responsibility.

4) Budgets are moral statements, choices based on setting priorities that include a balance of protection and empowerment, fair taxation that empathizes with those in most need. "Taxes are the price we pay for civilization" (according to Oliver Wendell Holmes). 

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a) Protection includes the military and police, but also the work of the Coast Guard, as well as regulations that protect consumers and investors from greedy or negligent corporations.
b) Empowerment includes education, but also infrastructure, such as safe roads, public trains and buses, bridges and the National Science Foundation.  We all benefit when we live in a society that gives all children a good education.


Club Contacts:
GWEN B. FISCHER, president
JEANNE cebulla, vice president
CHARMAINE Kepes, treasurer