Meetings are open to the public and held at the Mantua Village Park Lodge at 7 p.m. Outside of campaign season, meeting dates are scheduled ad hoc, to educate community members about public policy issues.


During primary campaigns we host events such as open Candidates’
Nights to provide a forum for Democratic candidates to present
their views and voters to ask questions. During general elections, we organize the distribution of yard signs, hold phonebanks, organize canvassing and disseminate information about issues to help voters understand why voting Democratic best represents their interests.

We publish a monthly newsletter (The Blue Print) disseminated to
members and interested persons and organizations beyond our
membership. We welcome member comments, suggestions and contributions. We disseminate election information by staffing a Democratic Party booth at Portage County community gatherings; we help with voter registration drives. We host educational events to discuss issues.





Club Contacts:
GWEN B. FISCHER, president
JEANNE cebulla, vice president
CHARMAINE Kepes, treasurer